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We’re on Bulletin!

The Swoon Team is excited to announce the launch of our #wholesalemarketplace on Bulletin. Since joining the Bulletin community, we’ve connected with more #smallbusiness owners and see our cards carried by #retailpartners including:

  1. RainCity Games, Vancouver, Canada
  2. Mekelburg’s, Clinton Hill and Williamsburg, New York
  3. Beach & Beverley, Hermosa Beach, California
  4. The Perfect Petal, Colorado
  5. Solainthecity, Baltimore, Maryland
  6. HiveXO, Dana Point, California

We look forward to continuing to build these new partnerships and see our cards in the hands of couples around the world!
Are you interested in carrying our cards in your retail space? Contact us at [email protected] for more information!

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new way to date
Leave your date knowing more than the fact that they have two brothers and a cat named Bob, and get closer to knowing if they could actually be the right fit for you.

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