A Guide To Our Canadian Retail Partners And Why We LOVE Them

As a small Canadian business, our retail partners are important to us. Our Canadian retail partners hold values which align closely with our own and that’s why we’re excited to share a bit about them below:


Vancouver, Canada


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Honey is Vancouver’s best spot for premium-quality adult gifts, novelty toys, board games, high-end sensual and exotic lingerie, sexy gift baskets and more. Honey’s founders Karyee and her sister Cindy opened Honey after realising (in 2001) that there were few places that Vancouverites could shop for sex toys and adult gifts without the requisite trench coat.

Swoon’s brand is all about vulnerability, communication and intimacy. We love Honey’s ability to offer a sophisticated, inviting sex shop and online store where singles and couples can shop top quality products from around the world.


Vancouver and New Westminister, Canada


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Rain City Games’ two locations are filled to the brim with board games, card games, jigsaw puzzles and more. In sharing their love of games with the lower mainland and the rest of Canada, Rain City Games wants to spark empath, creativity, and fun in their communities. They believe that games are how we learn, grow and spend time with the people we love. All values we can stand behind!

From recommending titles for game night at home to hosting in-store (now online) events, Rain City Games wants to help build a gaming community.


Penticton, Canada


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An icon in the community since 1980, the Bumwrap was originally opened as a brick and mortar store specialising in women’s swimwear and denim. It’s now recognized as Canada’s first retailer of the globally renowned Aussie brand, Billabong!

The Bumwrap features amazing products ranging from skin and body care to accessories and clothing for all.


Penticton, Canada


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Your one stop shop for art supplies, crafts, greeting cards, indigenous giftware and more! Situated on Penticton’s front street, Dragan’s Den has been serving the Penticton community for over 30 years. This family owned shop has owner Jeanette offering demonstrations to assist their customers in choosing the right items for them.

We love that Jeanette and her mom hand pick each product they sell and are honoured to be displayed among the products of so many other creatives.


Abbotsford, Canada


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A place for families and friends to create magical memories through experiences that focus on farm, food and fun, Maan Farms is a winery offering private events, day activities ranging from u-picks, goat yoga, and seasonal events. Providing quality local produce, Maan Farms was started in 1977 by Jawahar and Gurbachan (Grandpa and Grandma). The Maans have kept this beautiful estate in their family and have grown tremendously from their initial small berry stand.

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