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Launching Our New Holiday & Greeting Cards

designed & made locally in Vancouver, B.C.

After launching our signature SwoonCards (a deck of 52 question cards) we’ve heard our Swoon Community ask us What’s Next? And the truth is, we didn’t know. Our concept was built on an idea to bridge a gap we saw in the industry. We wanted to produce a physical product designed to elevate the dating experiences of couples around the world, while improving our own dating lives too. And not only have we achieved that, but we’re so unbelievably grateful to those who’ve allowed our brand to grow, landing our cards in the hands of couples around the world!

So, after months of planning, our team has produced our next product line, SwoonCards : A collection of 6 cheeky designs to tell that special someone how you really feel.

Our holiday & greeting cards are designed locally (and in-house) by our talented co-founder, Savannah Golden and made in Vancouver, B.C., in line with our values to #keepitlocal and #sustainable.

Available to purchase as singles or a bundle, place your order here, and feel free to shoot us any questions or comments at [email protected]


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Leave your date knowing more than the fact that they have two brothers and a cat named Bob, and get closer to knowing if they could actually be the right fit for you.

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