6 Fall Date Ideas

Autumn brings chillier weather, crisp air, colorful and crunchy leaves, golden sunlight, and the desire to get cozy and intimate with a loved one. Doesn’t it just feel like the perfect time to enjoy this beautiful time of year with that special someone?

But we get it; dating can be awkward, stiff, and uncomfortable. That’s why we designed Swoon to help elevate the dating experiences of couples around the world. Swoon is a deck of 52 question cards, designed to cut through the bullshit and normalize stronger communication by digging beneath the surface.

While we recommend grabbing your SwoonCards to elevate your next date, we understand that deciding where to go on a date is always a task in itself. Take this from us; a team of romantics who never know where to go on a date, resulting in doing the same thing every time! So, to break this spiral and offer insight to our #swooncommunity, we created the perfect list for your next date:

  1. VanDusen Gardens: This can be your chance to escape the city life and enjoy the beautiful fall colors of shades of red, orange, and gold in the VanDusen Botanical Gardens oasis. Walk through the stunning fall foliage, grab a hot chocolate, and your SwoonCards, to keep toasty and maximize your dialogue by hosting meaningful conversation while taking in the tree-lined pathways.
  2. High Tea at Notch 8 at the Fairmont Vancouver: For those romantics who love high tea or are looking to experience feeling like royalty for the day, treat yourself and your date to high tea at Notch 8. We get that getting to know someone can be awkward at times which is why we recommend bringing your SwoonCards to keep the conversation flowing, while enhancing a developing connection. Our cards are a physical product to bring players into the present in the moment, and encourage authenticity. And what better way to do that then over shared tea, mini-sandwiches, and dessert?
  3. Vancouver Art Gallery: If art is a common interest between you and your date, check out the Vancouver Art Gallery and spend the day (or night) visiting the incredible pieces that are sure to spark your creativity. This can be a way for you to have an open and engaged conversation about things you both like, makeup stories behind the artworks, or merely change your scenery while hiding from those cold temperatures.
  4. Key Party Hidden Bar: Vancouver is home to some pretty cool spots to grab a drink. On a cold and miserable rainy day, Key Party can be the perfect adventure: looking for this hidden bar, hiding out in the backroom of the accounting office, and sharing a drink in the intimate and warm setting. They offer an extensive cocktail list with their own twist on classics from the 60s and 70s. Plus, the ability to order smores made fresh at your table adds that extra level of comfort for fall.
  5. Glass House Estate Winery: This super romantic date takes you to an idyllic family-owned vineyard and boutique winery which produces hand selected, single vineyard, low yield artisan wine located in beautiful South Langley. This may be a little far from Vancouver, but a road trip can be the perfect opportunity to learn something new about your partner.
  6. Ride the Ghost Train in Stanley Park: With Halloween approaching, bundle up and cuddle up to your date while riding the Ghost Train! Witness spooky sounds, lit-up displays, and live performances. And, of course, if you feel like the conversation is getting dull, you can always take out your Swoon Cards. The same size as a regular pack of cards, our decks are designed to be easily transportable. You can always put them in your purse or keep them in your jacket pocket, ready to elevate your dating experience.

Do you have a date idea you’d like to share with our #swooncommunity? We’d love to hear from you! Connect with us on social media or shoot us an email at [email protected] for a chance to be featured.

*This article was contributed by Maninder Kaur Bassi, BBA Candidate at Simon Fraser University.


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